Chinese scientists discover new anti-HBV gene

(People’s Daily Online) 13:47, June 08, 2016

Chinese scientists discover new anti-HBV gene
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Chinese scientists with the Academy of Military Sciences have found “integration factor complex” gene INTS10, which can activate the body’s innate immune function and suppress replication of the hepatitis B virus (HBV).

The finding reveals for the first time the role that the gene plays in inhibiting the infection of pathogenic microorganisms. It also contributes to a better understanding of the molecular mechanism of chronic HBV infection and provides a theoretical basis for effective treatment and prevention.

The research was conducted by a team led by Zhou Gangqiao, a professor at the Academy of Military Sciences, the PLA’s medical research institute.

Zhou led his team to collect more than 10,000 cases of full genetic component-type data, among which they compared the genetic differences between 1,251 cases of chronic HBV infection to 1,057 cases of naturally cleared HBV infection.

Later, from a total of 3,905 cases of infection and 3,356 individuals, the team conducted large-scale identification and validation of the genetic differences, finally coming across a new gene located at chromosome 8p21.3.

Further studies show that the INTS10 gene is capable of suppressing HBV replication.

Currently, around 120 million people in China are carriers of HBV.
Chinese scientists discover new anti-HBV gene

(People’s Daily Online) 13:47, June 08, 2016

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