Recently I began to put together reports that one Foster Grandparent quit our school, and at least two teachers in my hearing are now muttering about either looking to change schools, or quit teaching. Not the usual complaining one hears, but in a serious way.
This (based on these new anecdotal and scattered observations) set me to thinking. What is going on, if anything, which is different from the past 6 years here in this school system?

One thing which occurs to me is this. Is there some kind of cultural shift beginning among the younger children which was mostly absent among our older elementary students? This week I have been talking with these teachers, and one consensus is that some parents have magnified a total lack of concern for “usual” behavior, in their approach to living. It seems to have tipped past the norm, and is now affecting especially 3rd graders and younger.
If this is becoming widespread, it will be a significant culture shift.
The loci for this shift seems among parental standards. Granted, we have a population draw which is heavy with dysfunctional,often nonexistent, family units in poverty. Often they are 3-4th generation welfare people. Yet the same thing apparently is occurring in school with lower and middle income populations. Port Huron is mostly a working class city, with a very limited upper middle and upper class population.

This is worth keeping an eye on to see if it just local, or more widespread.

Fr. Orthohippo (aka Fr. Bruce Kirkpatrick MSJ, ACNA retired)

About Fr. Orthohippo

The blog of a retired Anglican priest (MSJ), his musings, journey, humor, wonderment, and comments on today's scene.
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