Sweden Plans to Ban All Religious Schools

After lax immigration policies have enabled a flood of Muslim immigrants from war-torn countries such as Syria and Iran to take up refuge in Sweden, the European country must now contend with several troubling issues.

Among those is the rise of Muslim schools in Sweden who are engaging in acts such as segregating male and female students on the bus and in the school. Instead of speaking out against these specific incidents, Swedish officials have instead moved to ban religious schools entirely.

Thanks to this new policy, 70 religious schools must now close their doors. This includes 59 Christian schools and 11 Muslim schools. What’s worth noting is the fact that one religious school in Sweden – its sole Jewish school – will be allowed to remain open for the reason that Muslim students refuse to integrate with Jewish students, and having a Jewish school still in place will prevent Muslim-Jewish integration from becoming an issue.

The way in which Sweden is handling the problems posed by certain Muslim schools is sickening. For 1,000 years, religious schools have existed in Sweden. Now, they are being forced to close their doors for good.

Sweden officials believe that they have a problem with religion, when in reality it is a problem with immigration that is to blame for the issues they are facing.

For more information on why Sweden is banning religious schools, be sure to check out the video below.


~ Liberty Video News

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