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Fr. Ernesto has begun articles outlining differences between Eastern Christianity and Christianity from the West. The post below comes from his blog, Orthocuban found on my blogroll. It is quite helpful for we of the West to understand how our Eastern Christian brothers and sisters differ from us in emphasis. We are not always right simply because we grew up in the West. Check this out.  Fr.  Orthohippo

Photo is St. John Anglican Church, Macomb Township, Michigan, USA

From theEuropean Institute of Protestant Studiescomes this excellent summary of how the theological and philosophical differences grew between Orthodoxy and the West. Surprisingly, this excellent summary is by a pastor whom I consider to be a radical on many theological issues. But, his writing on this topic is quite good.

But after about 400 AD, you need to remember the four A’s to understand something of how the west (Catholic and…

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