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Bridges of all kinds after Congo’s long war

Bishop builds bridges of all kinds after Congo’s long war Bishop Nicolas Djomo of Tshumbe, Democratic Republic of the Cong James J. Carney John J. O’Keefe  | Apr. 5, 2014 Bishop Nicolas Djomo lives in the small town of Tshumbe … Continue reading

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AND YOU THOUGHT MOVIES WERE EXCITING? Try this at your church service!

What can happen at church during communion. It did happen at our Church today. One of our members suffered a heart stoppage. A nurse, sitting behind, performing instantly and very well, began administering CPR assisted by her husband and another … Continue reading

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Is camel urine a cure for cancer?

Camel urine consumption in Yemen and Saudi Arabia Aug 10, 2013 Researchers in Muslim countries have lately been trying to lend some scientific basis to the claims that drinking piss will cure diseases. In February, a team from King Abdulaziz … Continue reading

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A new coronavirus, a mysterious disease related to SARS and first identified last year.

They just keep coming. New and mysterious illnesses pop up. And some of them develop into real problems. So it is now, was always before, and probably will be forever. Don’t lose sleep over them. Fr. Orthohippo LONDON (AP) — … Continue reading

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