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Facebook harassing priests and monastics who use “Father” or “Mother” in their name.

Just a foretaste of what is to come to Christians here in the USA. Yahoo often acts as a bell weather for social shifts. Fr. Orthohippo   Timothy Doubblestein added a Post in Missionaries of St. John. “I was reading … Continue reading

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One difficult area where India has a particular blind spot – Lots of words, little serious action about female rapes

India to investigate TV crew’s interview with rapist who claimed victim was responsible for what happened to her ORIGINAL SOURCE Minister of Home Affairs says film will not be aired in India and accused its makers of violating ‘permission … Continue reading

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Anonymous group of Chinese hackers release data from central Chinese government sites

 PUBLISHED : Sunday, 12 October, 2014, 3:56pm, SOUTH CHINA POST INTERNATIONAL EDITON UPDATED : Monday, 13 October, 2014, 5:26am   Chris Luo Below are some of the highlights of current daily life in Hong Kong, China.   The main … Continue reading

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China orders journalists to ‘master Marxist news values’ in new guidelines

No matter your thoughts about the freedom, accuracy, and slants of news media, here is what Chinese in the south of China had to read on August 30, 2014 as published by The South China Post. Fr. Orthohippo All China … Continue reading

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TV channel just for Atheists –

Atheism gets its own TV channel in the US – a shot in the dark or a sign of changing times? By Peter Foster World Last updated: July 23rd, 2014 It is a fact of American life that even though … Continue reading

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Oh boy, Now a bullet field tested which can change directions in flight

Pentagon Successfully Tests First Small-Caliber, Self-Guided Bullets [VIDEO] Giuseppe Macri 12:37 PM 07/11/2014 196 55 Share    The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has announced the first successful live-fire tests of the military’s first smart, self-guided bullets. In a … Continue reading

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