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Facebook harassing priests and monastics who use “Father” or “Mother” in their name.

Just a foretaste of what is to come to Christians here in the USA. Yahoo often acts as a bell weather for social shifts. Fr. Orthohippo   Timothy Doubblestein added a Post in Missionaries of St. John. “I was reading … Continue reading

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China orders journalists to ‘master Marxist news values’ in new guidelines

No matter your thoughts about the freedom, accuracy, and slants of news media, here is what Chinese in the south of China had to read on August 30, 2014 as published by The South China Post. Fr. Orthohippo All China … Continue reading

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Was Neville Chamberlain right?

I had been thinking about a blog dealing with this same topic.  Then I found this article and learned others were also coming to the same conclusions that occurred to me. We are blessed by having an eye on history … Continue reading

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Catholic Women and Contraception – 33% think the Church says “yes” to contraception

Before I changed course to enter the ministry, I planned to attend grad school for theoretical psychometrics.  I had, and still find tests measuring things about humans of interest. For example, the various preelection polls are almost always skewed cleverly … Continue reading

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Sometimes we pay attention to warnings, and other times we miss them, or ignore them in favor of our on ideas. For several week I have been pondering cultural transformation and its impact on churches and individuals.  As you can … Continue reading

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What happened here, I confess, sort of surprised me.  Patriotism has become in this election cycle a political football.  So when I read what happened for the these veterans of WWII as they arrived, I was profoundly moved.  This shows … Continue reading

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Chaos occurs because of many different events and for many different reasons, both natural and human caused.  Three types of chaos are explored here. A genuinely new phenomonen is now seen in the emergence of chaos. It is systematic if generally localized, in … Continue reading

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