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Just exactly what was the first major fight among Christians?

Here are insights which show quite similar arguments to many fights today. This is a brief look at that first fight and the reasons for it.  Insights into our past come from all directions within the body of Christ. Here … Continue reading

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Galilee stirs controversy From the day of its creation, the state of Israel has developed a fear of the demographic issue. There’s hardly any discourse on Jewish-Arab relations where demography doesn’t play a central role. There’s hardly a discussion of Jewish … Continue reading

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The Arab Spring has unleashed the Arab Collapse

By RALPH PETERS The entire Arab world is in the process of reordering itself. The Arab Spring has unleashed the Arab Collapse. Everybody still standing in the region is picking the flesh of the helpless. The Islamist cancer proved more … Continue reading

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Russian Orthodox Patriarch Lauds ‘Special Relationship’ in China Visit

by OCP on May 11, 2013 in Featured News, News BEIJING, May 10 (RIA Novosti) – The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, has met with the Chinese President on the first day … Continue reading

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Anger as schools ban Gideon Bibles to avoid upsetting other faiths

Take a look at what multicultural standards are doing in England. Both Gideon Bibles and the Lord’s Prayer are now under attack. Fr. Orhohippo Here is the latest as reported in a number of English newspapers: “Schools have banned Christians … Continue reading

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Historical analysis of our Christian religious freedom comes from many places. Recently, we heard some of Pope Benedict’s analysis of European development. While there are significant differences between Europe and the USA, the USA tends to follow Europe’s direction just … Continue reading

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In earlier posts I have mentioned the problem of Muslim immigration in Europe’s nations, as well as the retreat into spiritual and cultural relativism.  Here is a more penetrating description of those and other aspects of these problem and how … Continue reading

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You are Peter: a critical analysis of the Orthodox view of papal primacy in view of an alternative way of exercising papal primacy

May you live in interesting time.  This is an ancient Chinese curse.  One might think it somehow has been applied to the present Christian liturgical world. Most of us have been raised to believe that large institutions change very slowly, and … Continue reading

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Fr. Ernesto continues his insights into Conciliarism with some thoughts about truth in relationship to knowing God’s Will. This is especially helpful as a window into one Orthodox priest’s views today. Much of what he says is accurate for the … Continue reading

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In light of the current discussion in the MSJ about Conciliarism, it is remarkable that Roman Catholicism has such a limited view about Conciliarism compared with Orthodoxy and Anglicanism.  Rome views Conciliarism only as a 15th -16th century challenge to … Continue reading

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