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What the takeover of a nation’s public schools can mean

An American firm is supplying Saudi Arabia’s public school system with an adjusted “Common Core” type educational program.  It will be in every public school, and contains definitions which Christians and Westerners find repulsive. Fr.Orthohippo You are here: Home / … Continue reading

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Complications in forming opinions

Fractured Islam beliefs can be surprising.  No single theology (monolithic) religion here. No question Syria is a totalitarian state. Yet we have a “repressive” government (Syria) mostly protecting its Christian citizens, while the rebels routinely terrorize them.  Saudi Arabia’s religion … Continue reading

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Saudi Cleric Warns Driving Could Damage Women’s Ovaries

Saudi Cleric Warns Driving Could Damage Women’s Ovaries Posted GMT 9-30-2013 21:51:7 (CNN) — A leading Saudi cleric warned women who drive cars could cause damage to their ovaries and pelvises and that they are at risk of having children … Continue reading

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Lest you think you know what is going on in Saudi Arabia, think again.The Saudis may be allies of our government, but definitely not of Christians anywhere. Come to think of it, we are no longer sure our government is … Continue reading

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Another example of “it depends on your point of view.” This is an interesting one.Fr. Orthohippo When insanity rules the world Prem Shankar Jha  India should resist the West’s brazen efforts to use championship of democracy as a cover for … Continue reading

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Chaos is a state of being which lacks predictability or order. Most of us are uncomfortable when things are in chaos, We are most comfortable when things are predictable, even when they don’t always happen just as we expect. If … Continue reading

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