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Six bad answers to questions raised in Genesis are still six bad answers

Here is an insightful post which GeoChristian has reposted.  Some of you have been interested in creation understandings.  Here is another look at some of the arguments. Fr. Orthohippo Back in 2009, I  (GeoChristian) posted a six-part review of a … Continue reading

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Creation Creeds

Creation Creeds by geochristian This is a reprint of an original post by geochristian about the creation.  It is also my understanding.  As does the geochristian, I, too, have a great dose of Lutheran teachings.  Most former Lutheran pastors do. The … Continue reading

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True evangelicals believe only in evolution — NOT

Fr. Ernesto is a old friend, now an Orthodox priest living in Alabama.  We have, for years now, permission to repost each other’s posts.  Fr. Ernesto very nicely reflects most of my views on evolution versus creationism. For me, this … Continue reading

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If  you have ever wondered about how old the earth is, and just what six day creationists believe, here is a report about many, but not all, of the common theories. You can access the GeoChrisian from my blogroll. He also … Continue reading

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This is a truly helpful description from IMonk about science and creationism.     Mostly, many proponents of either delight in bringing up extreme positions to disallow any validity for those of any different position.  As near as I can … Continue reading

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