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World | Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:06pm EDT Related: World, Greece, Syria Cold War echo as Hungary plans wall to keep out desperate migrants DEMIR KAPIJA, Macedonia | By Kole Casule A group of Afghans rest after crossing the Hungarian-Serbian … Continue reading

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Enduring Pagan rituals of Europe

Stunning images show enduring Pagan rituals of Europe Published October 08, 2013 FoxNews.com to original article – Photographer captures still-practiced Pagan rituals of Europe Photographer Charles Fréger spent two years journeying through 18 European countries to document still-practiced pagan rituals. … Continue reading

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Chipping away at the various tax breaks and privileges the church has enjoyed for centuries

This has been inevitable. While this is in Europe, we can be sure similar efforts will also happen in North America. Money drives an ever increasing number of governmental efforts to strengthen their treasuries. Fr. Orthohippo September 14, 2012 Alcala … Continue reading

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Here is an article which shows how a population can retreat into a small minority, or even disappear entirely.  These options are now a real possibility for the European countries.  Yet most Europeans still ignore these statistics with all the … Continue reading

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