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Let’s kill these contrary Clerics = Islamic State Threatens Kurdish Clerics

Not safe to be a religious scholar or cleric sometimes.  Here are rather extreme examples for disagreeing with the dominant religious view.  Here it seems much more concentrated that the inquisition times of the Middle Ages. There have been other … Continue reading

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THE LOOK OF KILLERS Whose God tells them to murder: even those who worship the same God not entirely their way.

Taliban release images of Peshawar killers, warn of more such attacks James Rush,The Independent| Dec 17, 2014, 07.20 PM IST (India ) READ MORE Photos of Peshawar Attackers|Peshawar Army Shool Carnage.|Pakistani Taliban|Attack on Pakistan Army School (In history, Christianity and … Continue reading

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“Christianity Today” report: It seems the Church of Satan has a list of recommended films on their website

Lessons from the Church of Satan Source – http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2014/november-web-only/lessons-from-church-of-satan.html The films they recommend aren’t about Satan, for starters. Alissa Wilkinson/ November 10, 2014 ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ in which the protagonist is impregnated by the Prince of Darkness. Today I read, with … Continue reading

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Church of England Anglicans Set to Remove Satan from Baptismal Rite

  This seems to me to be a desperate effort to retain membership no matter the cost. It definitely increases an uncrossable divide with Orthodox, Catholic, Conservative Anglicans, and many Protestants. Jesus certainly knew the Devil was present. Fr. Orthohippo … Continue reading

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The Reality of Exorcisms

Pope Francis, A Devil-Fearer, Recognizes The International Association Of Exorcists Published July 03, 2014 Fox News Latino Pope Francis during the Via Crucis torchlight procession in Rome, Friday, April 18, 2014. (AP) Having participated in a number of ex0rcisms, I  … Continue reading

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Australians Have Now Become Suicide Bombers…

Has blown himself up in Syria. ABC NEWS An Australian jihadist fighting in Syria has reportedly blown himself up in a suicide bombing near a military airport in the country’s east. For some time now concerns have been growing among … Continue reading

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Bishopess Katharine Jefferts Schori: Declining Numbers Maybe the Work of the Holy Spirit

How could such a thing be possible.  Although, in this article, it shows the ELCA Lutherans losing quite a bit more than the TEC Episcopalians. Of course, the ELCA is twice the size of TEC here in the USA. Now … Continue reading

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