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No Comment About Brazilian Anglicans

Jônatas Bragatto shared a link. ANGLICAN CHURCH CELEBRATES THE FIRST GAY MARRIAGE IN SÃO PAULO.(BRAZIL) “Reverend Arthur says the ceremony will be traditional, like the rite that united Prince Harry with the actress Meghan Markle in May of this year, … Continue reading

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A Statement from the Anglican Church in North America

Message from the ACNA Bishops ACNA ordination 2015  St. John the Apostle Anglican Church, Clinton Twp. Michigan “From the Beginning”: God’s Design for MarriageA Statement from the Anglican Church in North AmericaThe Archbishop and Bishops of the Anglican Church in … Continue reading

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“Will I be fully accepted at your church as a gay man?”

http://erlc.com/article/will-i-be-fully-accepted-at-your-church-as-a-gay-man (Here is the clearest iteration of a classical understanding of homosexuality I have seen. Helpful to compare this with the present day explanations of “love” moving homosexual relationships and marriage to proper and God-blessed actions.           THE COMMENT BY (Rev)SID … Continue reading

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34,000 Black Churches Break Fellowship with Presbyterian Church USA over Gay Marriage!

By Onan Coca / 1 April 2015  http://eaglerising.com/16750/34000-black-churches-break-fellowship-with-presbyterian-church-usa-over-gay-marriage/ The Presbyterian Church USA recently changed it’s denominations constitution to approve of same-sex marriage. The move didn’t come as a surprise for most observers, but it was still a blow to American … Continue reading

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Finns quit Church over gay marriage Posted: 05 Dec 2014 @ 00:12 Another example of people choosing to remain faithful to the text received rather than the newest change in what some Bible verses really mean. In this case it … Continue reading

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Anglican leader warns of Africa gay marriage backlash

Saturday, April 5, 2014 Archbishop of Cantebury Justin Welby speaks during a press conference at the State House in Juba on January 30, 2014. PHOTO | CARL DE SOUZA   AFP In Summary Gay marriage became legal in England and Wales … Continue reading

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Archbishops to ask clergy: ‘Are you having gay sex?’

Openly gay clerics will be questioned about the intimate detail of their sex life on behalf of the Archbishops of Canterbury or York before they can be considered to be a bishop, the Church of England has disclosed. Dr Jeffrey … Continue reading

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A reasoned and disciplined analysis of historical term usage, and how it relates to today. When it comes to defining human relationships, things get, in the USA at least, rather heated.  In middle school I see how our children are … Continue reading

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(AFP)LONDON — Clerics from the Anglican church in England on Tuesday called for an end to rules that stop gay couples marrying in religious venues such as churches or synagogues. In a letter to the Times newspaper, they said the civil partnership act — which … Continue reading

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