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The world’s most impactful scientific researchers

Clarivate Analytics names the world’s most impactful scientific researchers with the release of the 2017 Highly Cited Researchers List The rise of China in publication output and influence demonstrates a dramatic development News provided by Clarivate Analytics Nov 15, 2017, … Continue reading

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Incense Psychoactive

The wisdom of the ages can be found in many things.  The use of incense in worship services apparently heightens the worship time by making our senses more accute. Here  is a report detailing a study investigating just that, Hmmm. … Continue reading

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In earlier posts I have mentioned the problem of Muslim immigration in Europe’s nations, as well as the retreat into spiritual and cultural relativism.  Here is a more penetrating description of those and other aspects of these problem and how … Continue reading

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I happened on this blog after he visited mine, and it got my attention.  It spurred my thoughts to examine the three words of the blog title, spin, strangeness, and charm.  Particle physics has been a minor interest for me … Continue reading

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START OF A JOURNEY  –  ONE WAY TO GROW BLINDERS   –   A PRIMER You too will grow blinders when you grow up in a primarily upper and middle class suburb of an almost 200,000 population city in the … Continue reading

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Most of our life is spent “between times”.  “Between times” refers to our lives between great highs and/or great lows.  One example:  the apostles were told as they watched Jesus begin His ascension (a low point) to wait for the … Continue reading

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               Fr. Ernesto (orthocuban) has been writing  a series about negative and positive aspects of popular religiosity. The most powerful example is Thanksgiving Day in the USA. I thought this excerpt from his latest … Continue reading

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