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A Training Manual for ISIS and other similar Soldiers. “The Management of Savagery” translated from the Arabic.

This  manual is exceptionally complete .  It even explains how failures are just temporary setbacks, though often actual victories. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Management of Savagery: The Most Critical Stage  Through Which the  Umma Will Pass Abu Bakr Naji Translated by William … Continue reading

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“The Pope’s homily today is his mission statement.”

Pope Francis Slams ‘Prejudiced Mentality’ Of Believers Who Fearfully Cling To Religious Laws Religion News Service  |  By David Gibson Posted: 02/15/2015 1:01 pm EST Updated: 3 hours ago VATICAN CITY (RNS) In a powerful sermon that signaled his desire … Continue reading

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Must not use the word “GOD” in your service? Some Christians, under criminal charges, can’t.

Malaysia’s God problem erupts, tarnishing moderate image Original article By Stuart Grudgings 5 hours ago     . View gallery A priest and altar boys walk down the aisle after prayers were conducted during a mass service inside … By Stuart … Continue reading

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The Golden Dawn nightmare: The Orthodox Church and Greece’s war against neo-Nazism

The Golden Dawn nightmare: The Orthodox Church and Greece’s war against neo-Nazism by OCP on October 8, 2013 in Featured News,  entire article here inShare Demetrios Bathrellos – 8/10/13 Antonis was a fellow student of mine at high school back … Continue reading

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The NECESSARY VERSUS The PREFERRED and not just for clergy

By Norris Burkes Published: Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 6:21 p.m. Next month I begin work as a part-time hospital chaplain for the Sacramento, Calif., VA Medical Center. While I’ve been out of hospital ministry for nearly five years, I … Continue reading

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Here is another no comment report.  I would not touch this with any sort of comment. It stands by itself. No comment necessary. Fr. Orthohippo RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — A report given to a high-level advisory group in Saudi … Continue reading

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Chaos is a state of being which lacks predictability or order. Most of us are uncomfortable when things are in chaos, We are most comfortable when things are predictable, even when they don’t always happen just as we expect. If … Continue reading

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CROSSED WIRES- or why we sometimes do the inexplicable

A friend of mine, Roger Thomas, brought this article to my attention. It is the best explanation I have read as to some voting habits people have, and explains to my satisfaction some puzzling choices people make over many years. … Continue reading

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Several weeks I attended a Regional Litigation Academy in the Detroit area presented by Alliance Defense Fund on Defending the First Liberty. I happened to be the only clergy there among many lawyers,  but was able to follow the problems presented, … Continue reading

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miasma, noun, pl. -mas, -mata. 1. a bad-smelling vapor rising from decaying matter on the earth. The miasma of swamps was formerly supposed to cause disease. Ex. … far enough from the Dead Sea to escape its miasma (London Times). 2. (Figurative.) anything considered to resemble … Continue reading

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