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This is a photo essay of contrasts and similarities between two cities. One is very close to where I live, and I pass through or visit regularly.  The other city is half a world away, and I’ll probably never visit.  I … Continue reading

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Six bad answers to questions raised in Genesis are still six bad answers

Here is an insightful post which GeoChristian has reposted.  Some of you have been interested in creation understandings.  Here is another look at some of the arguments. Fr. Orthohippo Back in 2009, I  (GeoChristian) posted a six-part review of a … Continue reading

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A. D. 1955, and a look into a crystal ball

A. D. 1955, and a look into a crystal ball.  Crystal ball viewers are rarely accurate. (a repost from May, 2011))  I was a junior in high school.  Dad bought my mother a bright red 1955 Chevy convertible with a continental … Continue reading

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 Here is the best article I have seen dealing with the historic, orthodox, and ancient church.  It concentrates on the Anglican communion, but can easily extend to other Christian groups.  For all readers it can, and probably will, step on … Continue reading

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A Fool for Christ, Lawsuits and All

The Russian Orthodox calendar of Saints is little known to many Western Christians, as we are most familiar with Catholicism’s Saints.  We miss many instructive and inspirational lives such as St. Zenia of St. Petersburg. The reaction of her relatives … Continue reading

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Catholic Diocese making cuts in half of its churches

Here is another example of reductions in a Roman Catholic Diocese.  It is similar to the cuts in Streator, IL.  This is an example of economic and social reality realigning our church base, not only Catholic but similarly in most … Continue reading

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Some Common Myths about Present Day Preaching – Anglican and Otherwise

 The Common Myths about Preaching  by Rev. Robert Hartley A survey of 20 randomly chosen Anglican sermons produced the lowest ratings of any group studied. Apparently the worst preaching in Canada comes from our pulpits! Myths abound in our culture. … Continue reading

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Is nothing sacred? Even the mild mannered Canadians can be shocked.

Looking across the St. Clair river at Canada, steam is rising from surprised and angry Canadians. Fr. Orthohippo Outcry as Canada puts foreign maple leaf on new banknotes The Bank of Canada has used a foreign Norway maple leaf as … Continue reading

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This is not a surprise.  As a former Lutheran pastor, much of our seminary training revolved around things Catholic (and where they had gone off the rails). Just as in Anglicanism, there are “high church”, middle church, and low church … Continue reading

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Fascinating Satanist theology in defense of “religious liberty”. Why God can not interact with our world. Hmmmm.

  By Hunter Walker 1/11 12:45pm A group of Florida-based Satanists will be holding a rally in support of the Sunshine State’s Republican Governor Rick Scott on January 25. According to a press release for the event, the Satanic Temple, … Continue reading

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