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This latest group of Christian Church bloopers comes to me from my brother-in-law, Pastor Dan T. in Illinois. Thanks, Dan. It brightened up my day. Fr. Orthohippo They’re Back! Those wonderful Church Bulletins! Thank God for church ladies with typewriters. … Continue reading

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Rome’s invitation to Anglicans (and possibly others) to organically join Roman Catholicism has been received with mixed emotion and intellectual discernment among Anglicans. Here is a peek into one group of Anglicans regarding this offer. It comes from the English … Continue reading

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Explosive politics raise blood pressure and passion in the 21st century. ¬†It seems to many to be more common and more vicious today than in earlier years of my life. Such is our understanding when based only on our life … Continue reading

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God’s Sense of Humor -Archaeologists Discover Saber-Toothed Vegetarian

WASHINGTON — Surprised scientists have discovered the remains of a saber-toothed vegetarian. The leaf-crunching animal – about the size of a large dog – lived 260 million years ago in what is now Brazil, researchers report in Friday’s edition of … Continue reading

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These statistics will probably make many of you angry. You may not like the statistics cited below. Many Christians will disagree with them. The conclusions stand for themselves. All I have to add to the mix is one thought of … Continue reading

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This is to honor my other, better, half. Judy spoke Slovak until about the age of 5 when she began to forget it as she¬† entered public school. It also is to educate most of you since I doubt many … Continue reading

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With my celtic origins on both sides, one day to celebrate a Celtic saint. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Fr. Orthohippo

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