There still exists a powerful relic connected to St. Michael the Archangel. (you may find this a different kind of spirituality)

There still exists a powerful relic connected to St. Michael the Archangel



And it is frequently used during exorcisms.

In the Catholic Church, there is an ancient tradition of veneration by the faithful of objects associated with a particular saint. These objects are called “relics” and fall into three primary categories.

A first-class relic is all or part of the physical remains of a saint. This could be a piece of bone, a vial of blood, a lock of hair, or even a skull or incorrupt body.

A second-class relic is any item that the saint frequently used (clothing, for example).

A third-class relic is any item that touches a first or second-class relic.

Typically these relics are connected to a human saint, but in at least one instance, there still exists a relic that is associated with a celestial being.

According to tradition, St. Michael the Archangel appeared to an Italian bishop in 493 and consecrated a nearby cave. This became known as the Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo sul Gargano, more commonly referred to as Monte Gargano. It is one of the oldest shrines dedicated to St. Michael and was the center of Christian pilgrimages.

St. Michael said to the bishop, “I am the archangel Michael, and I have chosen to dwell in that place on earth and to keep it safe.” When they arrived to consecrate the cave, St. Michael said, “It is not necessary that you dedicate this church that I myself have consecrated with my presence.”

A legend says that one of the stones contains St. Michael’s footprint.

Over a thousand years later St. Michael appeared again at the shrine where he told the bishop, “I am the Archangel St. Michael. Anyone who uses the stones of this grotto will be liberated.” Since then tiny stones from this grotto have been distributed around the world and are known as “St. Michael Relic Stones.” According to exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger, these stones have been used in exorcisms and are known to be effective at expelling the presence of the devil. This is in accord with the traditional practice of exorcists using relics during exorcisms, invoking the intercession of holy saints and angels against the actions of Satan.

These relics still exist today at the Shrine of Monte Gargno and are frequently used by priests and laity as a sacramental that helps deepen a person’s love to God through the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel. A certificate of authenticity accompanies these stones to verify that they were taken from the cave that St. Michael consecrated with his presence.

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Fr. Orthohippo

Fr. Ernesto has begun articles outlining differences between Eastern Christianity and Christianity from the West. The post below comes from his blog, Orthocuban found on my blogroll. It is quite helpful for we of the West to understand how our Eastern Christian brothers and sisters differ from us in emphasis. We are not always right simply because we grew up in the West. Check this out.  Fr.  Orthohippo

Photo is St. John Anglican Church, Macomb Township, Michigan, USA

From theEuropean Institute of Protestant Studiescomes this excellent summary of how the theological and philosophical differences grew between Orthodoxy and the West. Surprisingly, this excellent summary is by a pastor whom I consider to be a radical on many theological issues. But, his writing on this topic is quite good.

But after about 400 AD, you need to remember the four A’s to understand something of how the west (Catholic and…

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Stock Market Crash in India

Congress launches 'hoarding war' against BJP over financial crises, market crash

MUMBAI: The Mumbai Congress on Sunday launched a `hoarding war` blaming the Bharatiya Janata Party government for the ongoing stock market crises in the wake of the IL&FS developments.

More than 250 hoardings came up all over the country’s financial capital, highlighting the bloodbath witnessed in the past few days in the crashing stock markets with Sensex and Nifty indices plunging, which resulted in losses of lakhs of crores of rupees for investors and traders

“There`s a complete chaos in the Indian stock markets… Within barely a fortnight, the Sensex crashed by over 3,000 points and Nifty by 1,600 points. This has resulted in a wipeout of Rs 15 lakh crore of investors` monies,” said Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam.

Added to this is the depreciation of the Rupee vis-A-vis the USD, now at over Rs 74, the galloping fuel prices, besides other financial misgovernance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s rule that has destroyed lakhs of small investors, he said.

“For this entire financial and economic crises which have resulted in the commoners losing their savings, Modi must apologise to the nation. We have also demanded a White Paper on the IL&FS crises, but the government has not reacted,” Nirupam said.

The hoardings have come up at prominent public places, railway stations, the two national highways slicing through the city, major landmarks, railway stations and other important junctions.

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Sir John Glubb and projected analysis of Empire/superpower years from start to end.

If you want scholarly and insightful analysis of USA history and our current state of changes compared with that of former empires and “super-powers”. then read Sir John Glubb’s analysis.

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Recently I was shocked to discover that I was observing and ignoring a major shift in American speech patterns.  For some reason, I had decided it was just a part of  “Young folks” speech.  Woops!

This August I was in 14 performances of Shakespeare’s MacBeth.  I was one of two actors able to sit in the front row with patrons until my entrances.  Sometimes they did not realize I was in the play.  Just an old guy wearing a “dress”. I usually wear hearing aids, but neither glasses or hearing aids in the performances.  (My company indulges me with smaller parts nowadays at age 80. I was “old man” and “Doctor” .)

I noticed that sometimes I was not able to understand the actors 20 feet away.  I put this down to age etc. and ignored it for about 7 shows since I knew mostly what they saying. So I was kind of startled when, after performances audiences members I did not know came and thanked me for being able to hear and understand me.

It took me awhile to process these complements.  What was different here. Then I realized I had been trained as to pace, delivery, audience size, etc. differently than many today.  Automatically I just speak more slowly and with my emphasis varying.  According to our director, it is really hard to persuade young folks today not to speak very rapidly.  It now is an automatic speech pattern.

I knew school age kids here do speak in a rapid fire delivery and volume. As a foster grandparent in classrooms often ask the kids to repeat.  This is not just because I wear hearing aids. Even when looking directly and carefully, sometimes I have trouble separating their speech into individual words.

Then I watched all younger folks doing the same.  Then I watched panels of trained political and media types discussing the daily events on TV.  Not only did they often speak very rapidly when getting their views across, but they constantly interrupted and tried to drowned out their panel members. Many media types are properly trained.  It seems that they mostly are older folks.

This is a culture and generational shifts as to what is normal and expected in speech patterns. Now I see it all over.

Fr. Orthohippo


Addendum to USA changing speech patterns

Watching Aretha Franklin funeral today. Almost all the adults who spoke were trained in pace, diction, etc. except for a few who used some “cultural cant”, and the youngest children who actually managed to be understandable.
Sometimes I missed the intent because I got caught up in deliveries. Again, almost all the speakers were older.
A joy to appreciate this speech clinic even if a probable support for younger speech speed, etc.


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Lest You Think Only USA has School Curriculum Problems

Claim Simon Bridges’ sister teaching creationism

31 Jul, 2018 3:47pm

2 minutes to read
National Party leader Simon Bridges says complaints about creationism being taught by his sister are a
National Party leader Simon Bridges says complaints about creationism being taught by his sister are a “cheap hit”. Photo / Mark Mitchell

A complaint about creationism being taught at a private Auckland school is a “cheap political hit”, National leader Simon Bridges says.

Bridges’ sister Rachel O’Connor, who is married to National MP Simon O’Connor, is a science teacher at Mt Hobson Middle School.

A former student at the school has told Newsroom that creationism was being taught in preference to evolution.

The student said that in 2016, O’Connor showed a science class a video called Science Has Found Proof of the Existence of God, which “twisted” scientific argument.

“It strikes me in terms of whoever’s involved, there’s a bit of a cheap political hit here. It’s a private Christian school. I don’t know the ins and outs of the rules on what should be taught but that school should be teaching the government curricular in this area. Everything I’ve seen and understand suggests they are.”

Bridges said he didn’t know what his sister’s beliefs were but “she’s a New Zealander and she should be able to believe whatever she wants”.

He said he believed in evolution but that had nothing to do with the issue. He would “absolutely not” talk to his sister about it.

“I’m not going to deign to do something like that on a cheap political hit job.”

Mt Hobson Middle School is run by Villa Education Trust, which also has two charter schools.

Alwyn Poole, a Villa Education Trust board member and principal of Mt Hobson Middle School, said Rachel O’Connor was a superb teacher and “very balanced and open in all that she presents”.

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Albinos ‘must actively participate in political leadership to defy hostility.

Albinos ‘must actively participate in political leadership to defy hostility’: Groups

2018-06-28 15:11

Six candidates living with albinism will contest the elections next year, a rights groups has said, defying hostility in Malawi where 21 albinos have been murdered since 2014.

“One of the issues contributing to the violation of our rights is our invisibility,” said the Association of People with Albinism (APAM) which confirmed on Tuesday that six members would contest either parliamentary or council seats.

Albinism is a genetic hereditary disorder that causes a partial or total absence of pigmentation in the skin, the hair and the eyes, so that those affected have a bleached look.

Apart from violence and discrimination, albinos are also exposed to eye problems and a heightened risk of skin cancer.

“In the past, we have never actively participated in political leadership, development activities and even government programmes,” said APAM director Overstone Kondowe.

“So this is one way of breaking out of that eggshell where we will put some of our members in decision-making organs.”

Kondowe suggested the surge of albino candidates was down to the “reluctance of government and other authorities to take action” on attacks targeting the community.

Albino candidates have never before contested Malawian elections in such great numbers, or with central coordination.

Rights group Amnesty International said on Thursday that since November 2014 there have been 148 crimes reported against people with albinism that have claimed at least 21 lives.

“People with albinism deserve to see justice for these vile, hateful crimes against them. That it takes so long for cases to be investigated or heard in court is a sobering indictment of the systematic failures in Malawi’s criminal justice system,” said Deprose Muchena, Amnesty’s southern Africa director.

Violent attacks

Just 30% of the 148 attacks against albinos since 2014 have been properly dealt with, according to official statistics, and only one murder and one attempted murder have been successfully prosecuted.

Malawi, one of the world’s poorest and most aid-dependent countries, has experienced a spike in violent attacks on people with albinism since late 2014.

In many cases those with albinism are targeted for their body parts to be used in witchcraft.

Of the 600 cases of violence against albinos in 28 African countries, Malawi accounted for nearly a third.

“As a first step, (Malawi) must ensure all pending cases are dealt with without undue delay, and in line with international standards of fairness,” added Muchena.

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